A note from out President. - Wednesday, May 25, 2016

 This feels like an appropriate time to remind interested parties including racers, race promoters, officials, and any other interested parties that among the goals of BRAOK is the safe, fun, and productive promotion and execution of bicycle racing in Oklahoma.

This includes providing positive examples of appropriate behavior for junior racers and new participants/racers.

There were a few instances of rider misconduct toward USAC officials in a recent local race. Please review USAC rule 8A5b [Unsportsmanlike conduct, including but not limited to, Foul or abusive language; insults and rude behavior. ] to review the possible consequences of such conduct.


Rider misconduct cannot be tolerated going forward. Whether such misconduct is directed toward USAC officials or “merely” observed by supporters/ spectators, it brings disrespect to the sport and cannot be tolerated.

Many lessons have been learned in the aftermath. It is our intent to learn from these going forward.

1        BRAOK and USAC will support local officials and their decisions associated with a USAC sanctioned race.

2        It is the responsibility of the Chief Referee of the USAC sanctioned race to address and report offences to USAC by reporting to the USAC Technical Director. Other parties will report suggestions to the CR who will evaluate/consider and then, as appropriate, report to the USAC Technical Director.  

3        It is the thought process or mind set of USAC to work toward correcting the behavior/ conduct of riders (going forward) rather dwelling on punishment for previous infractions.

4        Some serious offenses warrant additional penalties such as a monetary fine or suspension. Neither a Chief Referee nor a Race Commission can impose a suspension. Suspensions are handled under USAC policy. Whenever a Chief Referee or Race Commission believes a suspension is indicated, a suspension request or recommendation should be submitted to the USAC Technical Director as soon as possible.

5        Until the USAC Technical Director has made a decision regarding suspension, rider(s) under investigation may (continue to) participate in USAC events.

6        All recommendations of suspension shall receive complete review and full due process from USAC and the USAC Technical Director. If deemed by the USAC Technical Director to be appropriate for follow-up, due process could include the assignment of an investigator to visit the Local Association to personally interview all involved parties then provide a recommendation to the USAC Technical Director.

7        Any official making a recommendation of suspension should consult USAC Rule 8J for examples of suggested suspension periods for various offences.

8        Disciplinary measures, including warning, relegation, disqualification (DSQ), monetary fines and/or recommendation for suspension, also may be imposed by a Chief Referee with respect to any offense or inappropriate conduct not specifically set forth in USAC rule book section 8.

9        Riders should also be reminded of rules 1N6(a) and (b) 1N6. Abuse.
(a) No rider or other licensee may be disrespectful toward anyone at a race.
(b) No rider or other licensee may use foul or abusive language or conduct during a race event.

10    It should also be understood that certain rulings or determinations by the officiating team including but not limited to pulling a rider [A lapped rider or one who has fallen too far behind and is considered to be out of contention may be called off the course by the Chief Referee. ] are considered to be judgement calls that cannot be reversed.

Tulsa Wheelmen Summer Practice Criterium series - Thursday, March 17, 2016

 Tulsa Wheelmen will again host their Summer Series of criterium practice events. These will be held beginning on April 5 and continuing every Tuesday evening thuough August. They will be held at the Tulsa Area Safety Training faciility which is a Tulsa training center for the Tulsa Police department as well as the street department. It is located 1 block north of 109th E Ave. and East Admiral PL. The area is closed to street traffic.  Events will start at 5:30 PM and last till sunset. There will be events for all category of riders from the beginners to the top cat 1 riders. Women and Juniors are welcome also as there will be events for them also. Event charges are $10 for those with a USAC license however you can purchase a 1 day license for an additional $10. Come on out and practice your crit skills or you newbys can try and see if you like crit racing learn the skills involves. For you cat 5 racers, these will count as 1  of your 10 events required to advance to cat 4. Just remember you must start and finish the event. If you would like more information just give me a call.  Jack McNeal  918-272-1258

Oklahoma State Road Championships - Thursday, March 10, 2016

 All the State Road Championships are coming together in great shape. First will be the State RR (Category Based) Championship at Eucha Oklahoma on April 10. Registration is open now.

Next will be the State Criterium ( Age Based) Championship, held on May 15 in Sand Springs and promoter by Tom's Team and Palmer Corp. Registration is open on

On July 17 Bixby Bicycles will promote the State (Age Graded) Road Race in Bixby on the same course as last year.

State Criterium (Category Based) will be at Enid on August 20 this year as the Tour de Trykes race. This event is promoter by the City of Enid and the Canadian River Racing Club for the 6th year.  Registration is now open.

Bixby Bicycles will again host the State Individual Time Trial at Haskell on the same course as last year. This will be on September 11. 

Summer Criterium Series - Thursday, March 10, 2016

 Oklahoma will again have 2 seperate Criterium practice series and they are coming up.  DNA racing will host the Wheeler crit series again on each Tuesday in Oklahoma City. They will be starting up on March 15 and will run through August 30.

Tulsa Wheeler will again promote their annual Tuesday Night Practice series beginning on April 5th.  They usually have 4 events each night. First (D) event for Juniors & women, then (C) event for beginners, then (B) event for basically Cat 3 & 4 riders and end up with an (A) event for mainly cat 1 & 2 riders however they are not restricted to those particular riders. You can do whatever event you feel comfortible with. Like the title says, these are for critium practice. Cost is $10 per night but you must have a racing license.


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