The Bicycle Racing Association of Oklahoma is proud to offer an incentive and reimbursement plan for USAC officials that regularly assist at BRAOK endorsed events.  This plan is broken into two parts:


The first part of this plan is intended to help offset the costs of working as an official.  This includes paying for the annual license fee from USAC, purchasing clothing for your uniform, and other incidentals. 

$50 will be available for every three days that you work at BRAOK endorsed events, with the following guidelines and restrictions.

  • Plan is capped at $200 per person (12 days).
  • Only races listed on as endorsed events will qualify.
  • BRAOK events that are classified as “practice” will not count towards event days.
  • Officials must work at least two separate BRAOK events before qualifying.


The second part of this plan is to help cover travel expenses when an official upgrades to a higher officiating category.  For any official that successfully upgrades to a category B road license or earns a moto-ref license, BRAOK will reimburse the official $100.  The only restriction is that the official must work at least 6 days out of the previous 12 months at BRAOK endorsed events.  Once again, practice events do not qualify.

For anyone wishing to upgrade to a category A official, we ask that they contact the Commissioner of Officials about their intentions.  The BRAOK Board will review their request and may offer up to $300 to help offset the cost of travel.  The official must work at least 12 days in the last 24 months at BRAOK endorsed events.  


Money will be allocated three times per year: end of spring season, end of road season, and end of the cyclocross season.  BRAOK will not require receipts or proof of how the money is spent.  Reimbursements are open to anyone with a USAC Official’s license regardless of their home state. 

For budgetary reasons, this program is currently capped at $2000. The BRAOK Board may allocate more money later in the season if required.  Otherwise, reimbursements will occur on a “first come, first served” basis.