The process for obtaining a race permit and insurance from USA Cycling is easy if completed online.  You will need to log into My USA Cycling and select Event Permits.  This option is only available to you if you are selected as an Event Organizer for your club.  If you need any help with this process, contact the Member Services Coordinator for the Central Region or BRAOK's Commissioner of Officials.

Event permits must be completed 6-weeks before your race date to avoid a late fee.  Information about permit fees, allowable entry fees, allowable surcharges and officials fees can be found in the USAC's schedule of fees.

Once your event is permitted, you should be contacted by the Commissioner of Officials to discuss assigning a chief referee for your event.  He may also require revisions and changes to your flier.  Your event must be permitted before you can distribute your race flier or begin early registration.  Disregarding this rule may lead to a fine and a waste of printing fees.

A complete list of available forms, insurance information, and promoters resources can be found on the Event Organizers page of USAC's website.

The Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association has a great Promoters Page with more information on how to organize a bike race.